Psilocybin Facilitator Training Programs may be Required to be Licensed as a Career School

July 11, 2022

The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (OHECC)  has weighed in on the new administrative rules being adopted by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).  The OHECC states that since the requirements for psilocybin facilitator training and programs that offer such training are “robust,” any entity that provides such training must be licensed as a private career school.  (See OHA published rules 333-333-3005 to 333-333-3090 dated May 20, 2022.

The OHECC sees at least two problems with licensure facilitator training and programs. One, is that private career schools must carry general liability insurance. It is not clear that insurance will be available to facilitator training programs.  If insurance can’t be obtained, a rule change would be required to modify the requirement.

The second problem is that of determining the qualifications of instructors.  (See ORS 345.325(3)). As Oregon is pioneering psilocybin treatment, not one has been “properly qualified” as an instructor.  The current OHEEC rules require an instructor to have at least two years of work experience or education.  (See OAR 715-045-0012(3)(d)(A)).  The OHECC is looking to see if instructors can meet an exemption to the two year requirement.  Oregon law allows exemptions on a case by case basis. (See ORS 345.015)

The OHECC is currently in the process of meeting with their staff and representatives of psilocybin facilitator training programs to discuss regulatory questions and potential solutions around general liability insurance requirements.  They hope to have rules in place to be adopted by the OHECC meeting on August 11, 2022.

Psilocybin facilitator training programs should contact the OHECC if they believe they meet the requirements in ORS 345.015 or they believe they would qualify for private career school exemption via the OHECC. An exemption form should be sent to the OHECC if a psilocybin facilitator training program qualifies for an exemption.

For more information about OHECC licensure, please see contact information below:
For Private Career School License – Exemption Request & Student Complaints
Matthew Altman – Phone: 503-881-2738
[email protected]

For Private Career School License – New school Licensure
Peter Gertenrich – Phone: 503-551-8236
[email protected]

For Schools Operating Without a Private Career School License – Cease and Desist Letters
Monika Peterson – Phone: 503-507-8726
[email protected]