Paul Loney advises on new OLCC rules in December Dope Magazine

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, being tasked with the administration of Oregon’s Recreational Marijuana program, has published the final draft rules for businesses. In the December issue of Oregon Dope Magazine, Loney Law Group’s Paul Loney distills some of the major points of operation that have emerged out of the public rule-making process.

Businesses seeking to operate in the production, supply, and retail sales of recreational cannabis may be caught unaware by some of the operating procedures implemented beyond the original wording of Measure 91 and subsequent legislation. The types of products offered and labeling requirements are strictly regulated. Business ownership residency requirements for licensees by law are codified in these rules, with further clarifications. Read our article below in the embedded reader, and for more information about how your application and business plans may need modification for success, contact an attorney specializing in the ever-changing landscape of recreational marijuana rules in Oregon.