Legal Recreational Sales At Your Dispensary? Yes!

Oregon Senate Bill 460, also known as SB460, allowed dispensaries to begin selling cannabis to the general public on October 1 2015, to fill the gap where recreational consumers would be forced to turn to a gray market while waiting until 2016 for OLCC-licensed recreational marijuana businesses to begin operation.

This allows dispensaries to access an early preview of a new market and way of doing business. However, it does bring with it even more business requirements through quickly-drafted administrative rules by the Oregon Health Authority. Dispensaries wishing to participate will need to ensure that the local community hasn’t passed rules against the early sales program and monitor these legal obstacles, file the OHA paperwork with intent to participate, and ensure the business remains in compliance with signage and documentation rules. Additionally, all customer information must be recorded, and customers must receive an information card developed by the OHA. Then in 2016 – taxes.

The Loney Law Group has written an article for Dope Magazine, informing the marijuana community of the early sales program. An experienced and specialized attorney on you side can help you stay on top of continuing cannabis law developments that affect businesses and consumers.